Change your Posture, change your life!

"My wife, Nanci and I have been seeing Courtney for over 5 years now. Our daily exercise routines have improved our "Functional Heath" which I am defining as the ability to move and walk pain free. When I have a back ache or knee pain, Courtney has given me an exercise routine that really works over several sessions. Without Functional Fitness, I might be in a wheel chair today instead of walking 1 mile per day.   I know that my quality of life is better because of Courtney and Functional Fitness." -  
Roger & Nanci

" Just wanted to share that I hiked all of the trail yesterday! I had been hiking small portions of the mountain , but decided it was time to try it... and I feel great today .. no pain. You have made a huge difference in my life... thanks! "- Ellen

"I was amazed to discover that the chronic hip pain which had been draining my energy for
the past six months began to lessen right away as I practiced my exercises.  Initially I saw
Courtney in her Meredith studio on a weekly basis.  Each week Courtney would reassess
my posture and would tweak my exercise menu accordingly.  Within three short weeks I
was experiencing significant relief from pain which had been constant.  As I began to feel better, I was able to stretch the sessions out to every two weeks, and then to once a month.  I have been learning from Courtney and following her instructions for the last nine months.

I AM NOW FREE OF PAIN.  If I do a lot of heavy lifting or gardening, I can feel the old patterns
of misalignment returning which I now know how to correct by applying my menu of exercises.
I am able to return quickly to physical balance, ease of movement and comfort. 

I am continuing my work with Courtney to address other issues now, like arthritis in my
fingers and a rounding of my shoulders.  I am very confident in her knowledge of
how the body functions.   Courtney is also a Personal Trainer and I have requested exercises to strengthen my upper body.  She has given me a short menu to do before I go to bed if I feel any stress in my hips which might keep me from restful sleep.  All of this has been very helpful. 
I am extremely grateful for all that Courtney has taught me about being well" . - Marie R.